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Yaguchi Manager

Management of Unit of Microbiological Resources

Research interests

We are developing a system for preservation, management and distribution of pathogenic fungi and actinomycetes. We support the base of research and education of mycoses and their pathogens in order to supply reliable strains that are added new information.

We are also studying on morphological and phylogenetical analysis and intra-species polymorphism of fungal pathogens, and rapid identification in the culture or non-culture system. The main themes are following as:

  1. Studies on the classification of pathogenic Aspergillus spp. and related species based on phenotypic and molecular characteristics.
  2. Reexamination and genotyping of pathogenic Candida spp.


YAGUCHI, Takashi Associate Professor
BAN, Sayaka Assistant Professor
YOSHIOKA, Isato Researcher
ITO, Junko Technical Official
HIGUCHI, Kaomi Research Promotion Technician
KOTA, Akiko Research Promotion Technician
TAKAHASHI, Yoko Visiting Lecture
SHIMIZU, Yumi Visiting Lecture
KOMAKI, Hisayuki Visiting Lecture
MATSUZAWA, Tetsuhiro Visiting Lecture
GONOI, Tohru Visiting Lecture

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