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Watanabe PI

Project to Link Basic Sciences and Clinical Medicine

Research interests

Our research focuses on the development of diagnostic and therapeutic methods for intractable fungal diseases, such as aspergillosis, through an investigation into the mechanisms of infection. We also care for patients in the clinic of the University Hospital, while providing consulting services on fungal diseases to physicians/clinical technologists all over the country of Japan. STAFF: There are Professors (3, including 1 concurrent position), a technician (1), research assistant professors (2), and research assistants (3) working in our group, and we also have four graduate school students working in our group. .

  1. Investigation of the pathogenesis of Aspergillus spp., including their virulence factors.
  2. Development of diagnostic & therapeutic methods for intractable deep-seated mycoses.
  3. Epidemiological analysis of endemic (imported) mycoses.


WATANABE,Akira Associate Professor
TAGUCHI, Hideaki Grand Fellow
ARAI, Teppei Assistant Professor
MAJIMA, Hidetaka Assistant Professor
INOUE, Kyoko Chief Technical Official
TSUCHIYA, Yukiko Research Promotion Technician
KOGA, Yasuko Research Promotion Technician
SHIMIZU, Kiminori Visiting Professor
TOYOTOME, Takahito Visiting Associate Professor
HAGIWARA, Daisuke Visiting Associate Professor
KUME, Hikaru Visiting Lecturer
SHIBUYA, Kazutoshi Visiting Lecturer
MIYAZAKI, Yoshitsugu Visiting Lecturer
MITSUYAMA, Junichi Visiting Lecturer
SUZUKI, Yuko Visiting Lecturer
IWASAWA, Mari Visiting Lecturer
MURATA, Yoshiteru Visiting Lecturer


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