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October 14, 2014
Associate Professor in Molecular Immunology >>Application GuidelinesPDF
The 4th Molecular Immunology Seminar
Speaker: Prof. Glen N. Barber (University of Miami School of Medicine) "Cytosolic DNA Sensors, STING and Innate Immunity." 17 pm Dec 6 2013. Lecture room One, Graduate School of Medicine
Data base "Gene search encoding allergen from pathogenic Aspergillus niger and brewer's black-koji mold" has been released.
Nov 22 2013
Call for Proposals: Joint Usage/Research Center of Medical Mycology Research Center, Chiba University
Deadline of submission: Jan 10 2014.
The 2nd Forum "Global Network for Infectious Disease Research, Chiba University”
Nov 30 2013.
Dr. Naoyuki Kawahara and Dr. Mamoru Suzuki made a courtesy visit to MMRC.
Oct 22 2013.
Article of research projects in MMRC was placed in the morning edition page 25 and the net edition on Nikkei Inc.
Oct 10 2013.
The catalog of pathogenic fungi and actinomycetes" has been renewed.
Sep 12 2012
"Applicaiotion for strain distribution" has been renewed.
Jun 24 2011.
The site of JST-JICA project "Diagnostic Approaches in the Management of Fungal Infections in AIDS
and Other Immunocompromised Patients (SATREPS)" has been added.
Oct 8 2010.