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Division Project PI/Manager
Division of Molecular Immunology Project for Immune Response in Infectious Diseases Mitsutoshi Yoneyama
Project for Cytokine Research Shinobu Saijo
Project for Host-Microbial Interactions in Symbiosis and Pathogenesis Yoshiyuki Goto
Project for Bacterial Infection Immunology Hiroshi Ashida
Project for Immunodermatology Hiroyuki Matsue
Project for Host Response Sho Yamasaki
Project for Experimental Animals Yoichiro Iwakura
Division of Molecular Biology Candida Phenome Project Hiroji Chibana
Division of Clinical Research Project to Link Basic Sciences and Clinical Medicine Katsuhiko Kamei
Project for Host Response Network of Bacterial Infection Tomoko Yamamoto
Project for Molecular Signaling Analysis Susumu Kawamoto
Division of Infection Control and Prevention Project for Infection Control and Prevention Naruhiko Ishiwada
Division of RNA Therapy Project for RNA Regulation Hideo Iba
Division of Bio-resources Project for Systems Biology of Microorganisms Hiroki Takahashi
Management Unit of Microbiological Resources Takashi Yaguchi