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Division of Molecular Immunology

Project for Immune Response in Infectious Diseases

Project for Cytokine Research

  • Associate Professor(PI)Shinobu Saijo
  • Assistant ProfessorRikio Yabe
  • Post Doctoral FellowFabio Seiti Yoshikawa Yamada

Project for Host-Microbial Interactions in Symbiosis and Pathogenesis

  • Associate Professor(PI)Yoshiyuki Goto
  • Post Doctoral FellowKeita Ishisono

  • Visiting ProfessorGlen N. Barber

  • Visiting ProfessorAndreas Diefenbach

Project for Bacterial Infection Immunology

  • Visiting Associate ProfessorHiroshi Ashida

Project for Immunodermatology

  • Concurrent ProfessorHiroyuki Matsue

Project for Host Response

Project for Experimental Animals

Division of Molecular Biology

Candida Phenome Project

Division of Clinical Research

Project to Link Basic Sciences and Clinical Medicine

  • Professor(PI)Katsuhiko Kamei
  • Associate ProfessorAkira Watanabe
  • ProfessorHideki Tanzawa
  • Assistant ProfessorYasunori Muraosa
  • Assistant ProfessorTeppei Arai
  • Assistant ProfessorHazim Omar Abdelgalil Khalifa
  • Chief Technical OfficialKyoko Yarita
  • Visiting LecturerAkio Toh-e
  • Grand FellowHideaki Taguchi

  • Visiting ProfessorKiminori Shimizu

  • Visiting Associate ProfessorDaisuke Hagiwara

  • Visiting Associate ProfessorTakahito Toyotome

Merged Project of Respiratory Pathophysiology and Pathobiology

Division of Infection Control and Prevention

Project for Infection Control and Prevention

Division of Bio-resources

Project for Systems Biology of Microorganisms

  • Associate Professor(PI)Hiroki Takahashi
  • Assistant ProfessorYoko Kusuya
  • Assistant ProfessorJun-ichi Ishihara

Management Unit of Microbiological Resources

  • Associate Professor(Manager)Takashi Yaguchi
  • Assistant ProfessorSayaka Ban
  • Technical OfficialJunko Ito

Joint Division of RNA Therapy

Project for RNA Regulation