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Chibana PI

Candida phenome project

Research interests

In the genus Candida, C. glabrata is the second most frequently isolated species in clinical and representative forms of non-albicans Candida. As C. glabrata is a haploid organism with high quality full genomic sequence data available and a relatively small number of genes, we consider this Yeast species an ideal model for fungal pathogen research. Using this model species we have developed a highly efficient gene targeting system enabling high-throughput functional gene analysis. Our research aim is to modify all genes in the C. glabrata genome in order to identify common virulence factors in fungi and novel antifungal drug targets. We will share the genomic information and mutants with worldwide researchers.

Dr. Chibana's team has published a paper and applied for a patent on an antifungal candidate including anti-Candida auris.
Antifungal agents targeting ERG25 Novel target molecules of the ergosterol synthesis pathway, a critical gene for CandidaPDF


CHIBANA, Hiroji Associate Professor
SATO-OKAMOTO, Michiyo Assistant Professor
TAKAHASHI-NAKAGUCHI, Azusa Technical Official
YAMAGUCHI, Masashi Grand Fellow Visiting Lecturer
SASAMOTO, Kaname Research Promotion Technician
TSUDA, kazue Research Promotion Technician

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