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International Forum

The 10th Global Network Forum on Infection and Immunity

The 10th Infectious Disease Research Global Network Forum was held on 2nd -3rd February, 2024, as part of the Joint Usage and Research Center Project of the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology, and co-hosted with the Chiba University Mycological Medical Research Center. The Forum was held at the Medical Research Building and the Pharmaceutical Research Building II, Chiba University. On the Poster Session (2nd Feb.), 30 posters were presented, mainly by young researchers. The Workshop session (3rd Feb.) was held in a hybrid format (on-site and online). Nine famous researchers from the United States, Brazil, Hong Kong, South Korea, Germany, and Japan gave excellent lectures under the theme "Host-pathogen interactions in respiratory infections." A total of 157 people participated and actively discussed with each other during the Forum. Thank you for your participation, and we sincerely appreciate everyone's support.

Poster Session (February2)

Award Ceremony

Best Poster Award Winners

Koji Onomoto(Chiba University)
P-1 “TRBP regulates RLR-mediated antiviral innate immune signal”

Sho Shimada(Tokyo Medical and Dental University)
P-11“Analyses of function and biosynthesis of cell wall alpha-1,3-glucan in Aspergillus fumigatus”

Saho Shibata(Chiba University)
P-21 “Evolution of Aspergillus fumigatus during host infection”

Daichi Mori(Chiba University)
P-24 “Candida albicans induces fucosylation of intestinal epithelial cells”

Zhao Fujiang(Chiba University)
P-26 “Candida glabrata genes regulating phagosome maturation in macrophages”

Keigo Ueno(National Institute of Infectious Diseases)
P-27 “Lung resident memory Th2 cells induce multinucleated giant cells that can engulf live cryptococcal cells without opsonization”

Welcome Party

Workshop Session(February 3)

Opening Remarks

Kazutoshi Shibuya (Toho University)

Morning Session

Chair:Hiroki Takahashi (Chiba University)

Joshua J. Obar(Geisei School of Medicine, USA)(Online)
“Mda5/MAVS Signaling: Going non-viral or not?”

Gustavo Henrique Goldman(University of Sao Paulo ,Brazil)
“How Aspergillus fumigatus protects itself when producing gliotoxin”

Hiroki Takahashi (Chiba University)
“Genomic diversity of the pathogenic fungus Aspergillus fumigatus in Japan reveals the complex genomic basis of azole resistance”

Afternoon Session 1

Chair: Akira Watanabe(Chiba University)

Shogo Takatsuka(National Institute of Infectious Diseases)
“A Study of Host Response in post-Influenza Aspergillus superinfection”

Yasunari Miyazaki(Tokyo Medical and Dental University)
“Allergic pneumonia due to bacteria and fungi ~ Hypersensitivity pneumonitis ~”

Kiyoshi Hirahara (Chiba University)
“Pathological tissue inflammatory memories shape the intractable pathology of chronic lung inflammation”

Hein Min Tun(The Chinese University of Hong Kong,China)
“Gut microbiome -keystone modifier of infectious immunity and opportunities for therapy”

Afternoon Session 2

Chair: Mitutoshi Yoneyama (Chiba University)

Eun-Kyeong Jo(Chungnam National University, Korea)(Online)
“Autophagy and host defense against mycobacteria”

Hiroki Kato(University of Bonn, Germany)(Online)
“MTr1 inhibition as a novel approach to tackle influenza viruses”

Closing Remarks

Yoshitugu Miyazaki (National Institute of Infectious Diseases)