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International Forum

The 8th Global Network Forum on Infection and Immunity: Microbiome

 The 8th Global Network Forum on Infection and Immunity was held by focusing 'microbiome in health and diseases' at the Chiba University Hospital on January 10 and 11, 2020. The forum was organized under the support by the program of Joint Usage and Research Center of MEXT (Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology), AMED (the Japan Agency for Medical Research and Development), MMRC (Medical Mycology Research Center) at Chiba University, and the Chiba University Global Prominent Research Program.
 On the first day, there were 37 posters presented mainly by young researchers. On the second day, eight invited researchers from Germany, the United States, and Japan gave presentations on their current research topics. In the two days, there were 220 participants, and there were lively questions between the presenters and participants.
 We really thank all of the participants for their enthusiastic support this forum.

Poster Session (January 10)

Best Poster Award Winners

Kisara Muroi (Keio University)
P-3 “Dietary factors induce follicular helper T cells in microbiota dependent manner”

Takeshi Matsui (RIKEN)
P-7 “Dissecting the formation, structure and barrier function of the stratum corneum as a niche for skin microbes”

Daiki Takewaki (National Center of Neurology and Psychiatry)
P-8 “Alterations of the gut ecological and functional microenvironment in different stages of multiple sclerosis”

Hideaki Miyachi (Chiba University)
P-23 “Myd88 in keratinocytes is essential for the Malassezia-induced IL-17-dependent skin inflammation”

Yuto Chiba (University of Tsukuba)
P-29 “RNA virus diversity in Aspergillus fumigatus and its related species revealed by deep-sequencing method”

Kengo Itadera (Chiba University)
P-36 “Development of the single-cell observation system to elucidate the heterogeneity in microorganisms”

Award Ceremony

Welcome Party

Oral Session (January 11)

Opening Remarks

Dr. Hiroshi Ohno (RIKEN)

President’s Address

Dr. Takeshi Tokuhisa (Chiba University)

Morning Session

Chair: Dr. Takahiro Matsuki (Yakult Central Institute)

Dr. Elaine Y. Hsiao(UCLA, USA)
“Host microbiome interactions through the gut serotonergic system”

Dr. Hiroshi Ohno (RIKEN)
“Gut microbiota and host diseases, especially autoimmune diseases”

Dr. Noah Palm(Yale University, USA)
“Illuminating the ‘dark matter ’ of the gut microbiota metabolome”

Afternoon Session 1

Chair: Dr. Hiroshi Ohno (RIKEN)

Dr. Andreas Diefenbach(Charite - Berlin University of Medicine, Germany)
“Microbiota induced tonic type I interferons instruct a transcriptional, epigenetic and metabolic program that defines the basal state of conventional dendritic cells”

Dr. Jakob von Moltke(University of Washington, USA)
“Intestinal tuft cells : Sentinels and effectors of the type 2 immune response”

Dr. Nobuo Sasaki (Keio University)
“The study of epithelial crosstalk at the host microbes interface using organoid”

Afternoon Session 2

Chair: Dr. Yoshiyuki Goto (Chiba University)

Dr. Yuichi Hongoh (Tokyo Institute of Technology)
“Multi layered symbiotic system in the termite gut”

Dr. Takahiro Matsuki (Yakult Central Institute)
“Key genetic factors for human milk oligosaccharides utilization affect infant gut microbiota development”

Closing Remarks

Dr. Chihiro Sasakawa (Chiba University)

Forum and Breaks